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• Trash (black bin top) is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays; recycling (yellow bin top) is picked up on Wednesdays. For holidays, those services are provided on the next business day. Bins must be taken to the end of your driveway to be collected. The trash company will not enter onto your private property to retrieve your bins even if they are in plain sight and clearly have material to be disposed of.



• RDC is a pet friendly community. All pets must be leashed at all times and owners are required to pick up pet waste.

• There are three open areas in the front (2) and rear of the property where you can walk your pet. No pets are allowed on private property including the front and back yards, and side yards owned by owners with end units. Permitting a pet to urinate or defecate on private property is not permitted even if hard waste is cleaned up. Pet waste interferes with the enjoyment of that property by the owners, destroys landscaping, and can be detrimental to other pets and children.


Snow Removal

• The Association will remove snow from the streets, alleys, and sidewalks. Owners are responsible for deicing and snow removal on their driveways, front stoops, and walkway leading from their front door to the sidewalk.


Landscaping Responsibilities

• The Association will provide landscaping services including cutting the lawn, seeding and fertilizing, trimming, and other general services for all grassy areas on the property including privately-owned front, side, and back yards. Please do not use any chemicals, seeds, or other products on the grassy areas as they will interfere with the lawncare management plan we have implemented for the entire community. Because our property is new, there will be temporary bald and uneven spots while the soil is being primed for the lawn, however, using one consistent treatment method will result in durable and aesthetic landscaping for years to come.

• Homeowners are solely responsible for the care of the flowers, plants, and trees on their property. The landscaper will only mulch them once annually, trim them periodically, and provide limited additional services. Homeowners must water the plants and trees and are responsible for the cost of having them replaced if they die. However, please do not use any chemicals, seeds, or other products on the flowers, plants, or trees as that can also interfere with the lawncare management plan. If you want to change anything in your flower bed (including the mulch), you must submit a request to the ARB through the TownSq portal so the Board can consider your request.



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